Quotes: Construction Documents

Construction Documents“It may be set as the glory of an architect’s specification, that it shall be so clear, that the builders who from it are estimating the probable cost of the intended work, may have to ask no questions; that the specification, shall contain and exact comprehensive and proper description of the work, as it really can be, and as it ought to be executed; omitting nothing whatsoever, which the architect’s practical knowledge experience and foresight, may tell him, must be included in the work; that the words of it, shall be so chosen, and so arranged, that there shall not be the shadow of a doubt or ambiguity in any part of it; and that the whole of the intended work, shall be completed, without extra charge for things negligently omitted, and without the possibility of a dispute upon the construction of any of the words of the specification.”

Specifications for Practical Architecture
Chapter III.  Of the Exactness Requisite in the Practical Profession of Architecture,
and how far it is Influenced by the Correctness of Specifications and Working-Drawings.

Alfred Bartholomew, 1840


Alfred Bartholomew, 1840. Specifications for Practical Architecture, Preceded by: An Essay on the Decline of Excellence in the Structure and in the Science of Modern English Buildings; with the Proposal of Remedies for those Defects.  Google Books: Link